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Chair – Collaboration (Institute/ Industry/ Vibration & Sensor OEM)


The Chair Leader and the committee members are responsible for administering the collaborating tasks between CVS and institutes/ universities/ government organizations in consultation with / approval by the Governing Council:
a) Theis committee serves as the main body (supported by other chairs) to initiate and sign agreement on all collaborations between CVS and institutes/ universities/ government organizations, develop flexible terms and conditions, modalities of association, life membership benefits, sponsorship by industries/ institutes, mutual services etc. The detailed activities include: –
i) Identify, interact and sign agreement with prospective collaborators (for conferences, training, services, laboratory set-up etc.).
ii) Explore and identify the areas of activities for collaboration.
iii) Act as front-office in enhancing / enrolling individual members from Institutes/ Industries.
iv) Keep an eye on expert activities on vibration/ sensing systems in Institute/ Industry.
v) Act as front-office of CVS to have an insight on vibration issues
vi) Interact with Government organizations to understand the vibration projects, Govt. incentives, Govt. regulations on vibration-prone
industry static, seismic, rotational applications.


  • Dr. Arun Jalan (Chair)
  • Dr. T. Pyne (Member)
  • Er. Pola Sreenivasulu (Member)
  • Dr. Vasant Matsagar (Member)


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