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“Come, be a Member of this Prestigious Forum”

CVS, a congregation of experts both from industry and academia, has initiated an idea of having a platform to make a difference in the way a very important inter-disciplinary field, ‘Vibration Science and Engineering’, is perceived and cultured in the formal education system and then applied in various industries.CVS has set off with a mission to deliver valuable guidance to a wide range of audience including students, industry engineers and technicians. It is crafted with a unique approach to train the intended audience by adapting to the practical understanding of the subjects. This incorporates demonstration of practical training, hands on experience in vibration instrumentation, simulation studies, suiting latest technological upgrades.

  • Students and Technicians interested in the field of vibration, grab this golden opportunity to be a part of CVS and gain access to lectures, projects/ thesis guidance (for students) and case studies on CVS website.

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  • Consult any of CVS experts to discuss potential Vibration problems you come across on a Day-to-Day basis.

Application to Membership

New Member Applicants

Applications are submitted to President. Each applicant is immediately put on the CVS roll and the section is notified.

Advance in Grade to Senior/Fellow Member

Applications are submitted to CVS Headquarters. The Executive board reviews applications for Senior and Life and nominations for Fellow on the basis of qualifications and experience.

Members approved for advanced membership grades are notified as soon as possible following approval. The President notifies those approved for Fellow membership and for Senior and Life membership. Fees applicable for upgradation will be charged on the basis of difference in fees chargeable at the time of application from one category to another category of membership.

Aspiring members are requested to apply for membership through online portal preferably. Else, new members may download the form as given below.

Corporate Membership Form – Download Here!
Professional Membership Form – Download Here!
Membership Eligibility – Extract from Bye Laws – Download Here!
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