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New Delhi Chapter

As the CVS membership grows, Chapters of this organization will be opened in various cities/states in India /outside India. This will be conditional to fulfilling the following conditions.

  • At least 15 active members must request for opening a Chapter in any geographical territory of our nation, which will be verified for its sustenance by CVS governing council and approved the same.
  • Within 45 days of obtaining the approval, they must elect their office bearers (President, Secretary and Treasurer) and chairs. This will be on similar lines as HQ. GC will send its nominee as an observer to ensure fair elections.
  • They will follow the Mission, Vision and Bye-Laws of CVS.
  • The roles and responsibilities will be on same lines as the HQ.

Failing in any of the above continuously for 60 days, the chapter recognition will be on HOLD till rectification. Benefits of voting and finance from HQ will be on HOLD after 60 days till rectification. The Chapter will work autonomously for day-to-day activities but within the purview of CVS Bylaws and guidelines. The Chapter will get back 50% of the membership fees paid by its members for its work. For any paid event conducted by a Chapter, 25% profit will be sent to CVS HQ.

New Delhi Chapter Organization

The inaugural function of opening of the 1st CVS chapter at Delhi was carried out on 9th January 2022 at 11.00 am. The event was decorated by eminent persons from industry, CVS HQ Office bearers and founding members. The Chief Guest Mr. M. K. Srivastava-Executive Director – Engineering, NTPC emphasized the necessity of such platforms in and around Delhi for collaboration and cooperation for the solution of vibration problems faced by the industry at large. He also mentioned that in any webinars, Users must be invited and their issues discussed.

New office bearers took charge of the Chapter on 05 March 2024. The nominees reiterated to take up the responsibility and they were declared by the President as current Officers of the New Delhi Chapter, holding the positions stated below. The Nominated Officers are as follows:

  • Dr. Ravinder Goyal – GC & Chapter Liaison Officer
  • Er. Prasenjit Pal – Chairman
  • Er. Harvinder Singh Kalsi – Secretary
  • Dr Abhishek Goyal – Treasurer

All the Officers signed the document of ‘CVS Chapter operating guidelines’ President – CVS announced formally their positions and congratulated them for this great beginning with enthusiasm, and took the responsibility of conducting INVEST25.

This was followed by a vote of thanks by Dr. Tarapada Pyne, Secretary & Director General, CVS. Dr. Ravinder Goyal, CLO, New Delhi Chapter, had a great role in establishing the CVS chapter in New Delhi and he took the lead in its activities. The online event ended with congratulatory wishes by one and all.

Attached are some pictures of the office bearers.

Dr. Ravinder Goyal

Governing Council

Er. Prasenjit Pal


Er. Harvinder Singh Kalsi


Dr Abhishek Goyal