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Opening of Chapters

As the CVS membership grows, Chapters of this organization will be opened in various cities/states in India /outside India. This will be conditional to fulfilling the following conditions.

  • At-least 15 active members must request for opening a Chapter in any geographical territory of our nation, which will be verified for its sustenance by CVS governing council and approved the same.
  • Within 45 days of obtaining the approval, they must elect their office bearers (President, Secretary and Treasurer) and chairs. This will be on similar lines as HQ. GC will send its nominee as an observer to ensure fair elections.
  • They will follow the Mission, Vision and Bye-Laws of CVS.
  • The roles and responsibilities will be on same lines as the HQ.

Failing in any of the above continuously for 60 days, the chapter recognition will be on HOLD till rectification. Benefits of voting and finance from HQ will be on HOLD after 60 days till rectification. The Chapter will work autonomously for day-to-day activities but within the purview of CVS Bye-Laws and guidelines. The Chapter will get back 50% of the membership fees paid by its members for its working. For any paid event conducted by a Chapter, 25% profit will be sent to CVS HQ.