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Chair – Rotary (services and supports)


The Chair Lead and the committee members are responsible for supporting industry in any areas of rotational applications and guiding industry in such activities whenever asked for, in consultation with / approval by the Governing Council:
a) This committee serves as main body (supported by other chairs ) to support industry/ institute. The detailed activities include: –
i) Support Govt and private industries in solving critical rotary machinery vibration problems.
ii) Explore and store various related standards.
iii) Assist in earth-quake resistant structures to govt, private builders.
laboratory/ industry).
v) Become source of knowledge base in certification programs of CVS on Rotary Vibration.
vi) Support/ Jury on rotary vibration related topics in conferences/ seminar etc.


  • Er. KK Gajpal (Chair)
  • Dr. Chinmaya Kar (Member)
  • Dr. Neeraj Bhargava (Member)
  • Dr. T. Pyne (Member)
  • Er. Madhusudan Matsagar (Member)


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