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Chair – Technology, Instrumentation and Predictive Surveillance


The Chair Lead and the committee members are responsible to look after the latest development in Technology, Sensing system including Bio-medical, on-line surveillance, Industry 4.0 including vibrational predictive analytics in consultation with / approval by the GC.
a) Theis committee serves as main body (supported by other chairs when asked) to support industry/ institute. The detailed activities include: –
i) Support Govt and private industries in technology development in much needed areas of vibration analysis including support to Chair committee on Training for various levels of professional competency targeting Industry 4.0.
ii) Explore and store various related standards on instrumentation, sensors.
iii) Assist industries, academic institutions, OEM of equipment (on Technology benefits for engineering industry, process industry, govt and other private enterprises).
iv) Become mouth-piece of any signal conditioning, transmission, sensing systems, latest IOT, NL, AI applications and related Skills Development, Training, Knowledge Management, by enriching Body of Knowledge, Infrastructure (either at industry sites/ research laboratory).
v) Supports preparation of Body of Knowledge (BoK) for CVS Certification programs, develop syllabus and sessions (especially Industry 4.0/ digitalization front).
vi) Support Chair -Committee – Training on Accreditation matters of CVS programs and also for future joint programs with other Universities and Institutes.
vii) Become source of knowledge base in certification programs of CVS on Vibration Instrumentation, Sensors, Analytics, Bio-medical sensing.
viii) Support/ become Jury on vibration related technology-specific topics in conferences/ seminar etc.
ix) Extend help to industries and institutes on any vibration related leadership/ Skill development at site.


  • Dr. Chinmaya Kar (Chair)
  • Dr. H. S. Gambhir (Member)
  • Er. Swaminathan (Member)
  • Dr. Arun Jalan (Member)
  • Er. KK Gajpal (Member)


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