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Chair – Honors and Awards


The Chair administer its regular functions related to honors, awards and felicitation of experts in the field. Members will meet as and when any Conference or Symposium or Seminar is organized including pre-conference meetings/ correspondences in requesting nominations, assessing nominations and finalizing the list of awardees to be submitted to Executive Board for final approval. The Chair Lead and the committee members are responsible for administering the following operations of the CVS after consultation with / approval by the GC:
i) Serves as main body (supported by other chairs ) in the entire selection process of honors, awards and felicitation.
ii) Selection of field, theme, topics, panelists, jury etc.
iii) Advertising and marketing, mode of advertisement/ media related to this chair’s functions.
iv) Be a signatory in the special jury for selection of Vibration Experts.


  • Dr. S.M. Khot (Member)
  • Dr. H.S. Gambhir (Member)
  • Dr. V. Matsagar (Member)
  • Dr. Srinivas V. (Member)


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