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Chair – Conference / Symposium, Marketing, Sponsorship, Website


The Chair Lead and the committee members are responsible for administering the following operations of the CVS after consultation with / approval by the GC:
a) Theis committee serves as the main body (supported by other chairs) in conducting CVS’s Conference, Symposium, seminars and finalize the marketing modalities and the need of sponsorship etc. The detailed activities include: –
i) Selection of Topics, Venue, Logistics Panelists, Guest Speakers, Chief Guest etc.
ii) Paper submission, mode of presentations, duration, time, fees etc.
iii) Advertising and marketing, mode of advertisement/ media
iv) Sponsorship from industry, vibration system suppliers, maintenance and service industry, start-up etc.
b) The creation of jury for selection of papers, awards etc.
c) Be a signatory in the special jury for selection of vibration Experts for felicitation.
d) Responsible for related publications in CVS Newsletter/ International Journals for selected Papers and Conference proceedings separately.
e) Controls, with the Treasurer, the financial transactions of the proceedings.


  • Er. Swaminathan (Chair)
  • Dr. Aparna Dey Ghosh (Member)
  • Er. Mukesh Shah (Member)
  • Dr. S.M. Khot (Member)


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