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Chair – Student section


The Chair administer its regular functions related to student’s interest and in close-consultation with Chair – Training Committee. The Chair Lead and the committee members are responsible for encouraging students to become student members of CVS and to continue as member after completing education. The committee would develop a conducive environment with the Institutes/ Universities to help enrollment of Student Members in CVS.
A) Theis committee serves as main body (supported by other chairs when asked) to support students enrolled in various chapters/ college chapters. The detailed activities include: –
i) Support Govt and private institutes in developing lecturers at institutes in much-needed areas of vibration and encourage in the process for certification examination of CVS with various levels of professional competency.
ii) Assist institutes to set-up dynamic laboratory/ vibration laboratory/ sensor development.
iii) Assist academic institutions to take up campus-corporate collaborative programs for enhancing employability.
iv) Become mouth-piece of any student related administrative issues, related Skills Development, Training etc.
v) Prepare modalities of CVS Certification programs, training programs etc.
vi) Act as front-line office-bearer along with Chair – Research and Publications & Chair – Training for all discussions and correspondences in regard to future programs with Universities and Institutes.
vii) Support student-membership drive in CVS-organized conferences as well as other professional conferences / seminar etc.
viii) Extend help in student’s placement, suitable project work, research areas.


  • Er. Neeraj Bhargava (Chair)
  • Dr. Aparna Dey Ghosh (Member)
  • Dr. Matsagar (Member)


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